CENTRE FOR APPLIED LEARNING (CAL) - because every child is special!

One of the newest introduction to the multiple facets of AHI is the induction of CAL. CAL believes that every child is unique and possesses latent talents. The purpose of CAL is to enable children with learning disabilities and behavioral issues, to improve their academic as well as overall performance.

The mission of CAL is to enable students to achieve their true learning potential with the help of non-formal and innovative learning methods. The desired outcome of this holistic education would be a good Muslim, responsible citizen and a caring member of the family.

A team of special educators, counselors, and other related experts work together in developing innovative methods in a non-formal way, to bring out the true potential of the children.


Academically challenged children are assessed for Specific Learning Disability (LD) or any other condition like AD or ADHD etc. Remediation plans and counseling are rendered to these children, wardens and handlers. Periodical training classes are conducted for the teachers and wardens.

CAL also supplements the efforts of Primary Education Program (PEP) in the fortification of primary education through innovative and interesting learning methods and creating bridge courses and IEP (Individualized Education Plan) with the ultimate aim of not leaving any child behind.

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