FORMAL EDUCATION - to meet social challenges.

Anjuman admits every year about 100 to 120 three to six year old deserving orphan and destitute Muslim children, most of them first generation literates. To cater to the special needs of such children AHI has a separate Primary block where a very strong academic and moral foundation is laid through a specially designed curriculum under Primary Education Program (PEP).

AHI, through the Anjuman Matriculation Higher Secondary School, with well equipped classrooms and laboratories provide free quality formal education to the resident students. Besides text books, note books, the students are provided with stationery and other essential items to meet with their educational requirements. Moral and Religious education is compulsory. So also is Physical Education and Sports. The students excel both in the field of Education and Sports securing 100 % results in public exams and winning inter school sports and other competitions. Students also participate in competitions both at national and international level.


The school is also open to other children in the neighborhood irrespective of their community background.

In order to motivate students, the school extends scholarships to students who are exceptionally good in studies. The present strength is around 900 students. The organization has designed a clear-cut criteria which includes factors like Marks, Motivation, Initiative and Morale. Anjuman students securing more than 75% marks in their final exams are fully supported financially to pursue higher studies including professional courses.

AL-HIRA MODEL SCHOOL - Preparing role models of the community

One of the most interesting additions to the list of facilities to AHI is the formation of Al-Hira - an English medium Islamic School,


Al-Hira provides an intelligent fusion of a CBSE program with an Islamic one. As of today, the strength of Al-Hira is 531 from Junior KG to 8h Standard.

SPORTS & EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - developing multi-facetedness.

The Anjuman boys and girls are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities such as sports, NCC, road safety patrol, etc. The school teams have participated in various friendly matches in Hockey, Football, Baseball, Cricket and Rugby.

They have also participated in many inter-school tournaments in the above games and sports and won many prizes. Six of our boys represented our State for the National Junior Baseball Tournament held at Kolkatta.


Our boys have participated in International tournaments held in China and Pakistan in baseball and rugby.

The Anjuman Matriculation Higher Secondary School has a junior division NCC with a strength of 50 cadets.

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