HEALTH CENTRE - Care 24 x 7

The AHI Health centre functions in a spacious, well-ventilated, 2 storey building on the Anjuman campus. It houses a room for the counselor, dentist & doctor and also provides beds for in-patients in the ground & first floor.

Facilities to do minor surgeries like suturing and incision and drainage are available.

Day-to-day activities of the centre include attending to all sick / injured children. At the beginning of the academic year, the students undergo a comprehensive medical health check-up. Children identified to be suffering from serious medical or surgical problems including open heart surgeries are referred to experts and treatment rendered at Anjuman's expense. Chronic problems like defective vision, prolonged skin ailments, tonsillitis etc are identified & referred to the respective specialists.


Boys & girls with defective vision are tested, and provided with appropriate spectacles. On the preventive side- vaccinations to all newly admitted children are given as per WHO requirement. The students belonging to higher classes are taught about health and hygiene at the health centre. In this way, preventive and curative steps are taken to keep all the students in the best of health, throughout the year.

At the end of every academic year, the newly admitted students who have not undergone circumcision, are taken to Crescent Hospital and the procedure is done in batches of 10.For Post operative care the children & their mothers are accommodated in the health centre and after complete recovery, sent home after a week.


Every year all the staff coming in close contact with the children are subjected to a master health check-up and if any abnormal results are found, they are followed up.

The staff are also addressed once a year at the health centre & advised regarding methods to be followed while taking care of the children's health.

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