HOMES - Where all good things begin...

AHI provides Homes for deserving Orphan and destitute Muslim boys and girls.

The idea behind establishing Homes springs from the belief that all good things spring from good homes. All efforts are underway to ensure the establishment of an environment, nearest to the concept of a Real Home. The total care and activities of the children are closely monitored and managed by well-trained wardens who have sound knowledge of human behavior and administration from an Islamic perspective.

AHI has in its premises, "Homes" that accommodate boys and girls, separately. At present, there are 383 boys and 406 girls. The homes are meticulously designed to allow sufficient air and light and are well equipped with necessary basic amenities such as bathrooms, washrooms, wardrobes and storage facilities.

The pre-requisite for admission to the hostel is the age group of 3 to 6 years for orphans or destitute children supported by bonafide documentary evidence. Children are housed and taken care of up to the completion of their higher secondary or vocational education.

  AHI CENTRAL STORES - Ensuring proper and prompt supplies

Central Stores is divided into two levels (Ground and Mezzanine Floors). All the food items are kept at Ground floor for easy supply where as cosmetics, clothes and cleaning materials are arranged at mezzanine floor. Central Stores procure all the requirements for food such as provisions, mutton, chicken, vegetables and fruits etc and supply regularly to kitchen as per daily menu. Vegetables are received at the stores on a daily basis. The quality and quantity is inspected regularly. All the items are computerized and issued strictly on FIFO basis. Stores also caters to the needs of such items as books, stationery, and note books for the schools etc, for all of the units. All the provisions are procured fortnightly and are issued regularly as per daily requirements. Central Stores also handles the purchase of uniform cloth for children, Footwear, school bags, and belts for both the homes. It also arranges Feasts given by Donors to Anjuman Children. A new digital weighing machine with printer facility is also installed.

Whenever any donation in kind is received, In-kind receipt is issued to the donor.

AHI CENTRAL KITCHEN - No compromise on hygiene

Central Kitchen is equipped with modern stainless steel equipment and prepare 3 times meals for both the homes. Totally we have 900 children and staff staying at two different homes to whom food is supplied from the kitchen.

Central Kitchen maintains the right timings for supply of food at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It also prepares special Food like Biryani, Ghee rice etc given by Donors. At Kitchen we have two dining halls with stainless steel top dining tables, one for Junior Children and another for Senior Children.

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