AHI ACADEMY FOR WOMEN - the perfect blend of Deen and Duniya

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) encouraged all Muslims to acquire knowledge and share it. He said:

"Acquire knowledge, for he who acquires it in the way of Allah performs an act of piety; he who speaks of it, praises the Lord; he who seeks it, adores Allah; he who dispenses instruction in it, bestows alms; and he who imparts it to others, performs an act of devotion to Allah." (Bukhari, Muslim)

The Academy recognizes and leverages a woman's crucial role as the "Trainer" and a "Catalyst" of a family (whose influence extends to at least three generations) by offering a plethora of Islamic Courses and skill- based vocational training geared at enlightening , educating and equipping women to succeed in Deen and Dunya.

the Academy's mission is to:
* Teach fundamental Islamic beliefs and knowledge
* Bring Muslims closer to the Qur'an
* Urge Believers to ponder over the noble Qur'an
* Enlighten women on their rights and responsibilities
* Eliminate Racism
* Strive to Promote Peace, Justice , Equality and Dignity for all


* Tafheemul Quraan
* Tajweed
* Hifz
* Arabic Grammar
* Teacher Training in Islaamic Studies
* Islaamic Studies for Homemakers

* ILM Quest
* Tijarath-un-nisa
* Al-hikmah Islaamic Weekend School
* Summer Camps
* Islamic orientaion for mothers of Residents of the Anjuman Homes
* Satellite Centres
* Workshops
* Picnics

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